Washington Nationals Game

Yesterday on 10-1-2016, I was with my family in Washington D.C. to surprise my aunt for her retirement. We threw a surprise party by renting out a party suite at Nationals Park in Washington D.C. for October 1st to watch the Washington Nationals take on the Miami Marlins. Most of my family was there, and we got there early to see batting practice, and stayed until about an hour after the final out was recorded. It was a very emotional game all around. For the Nationals, they were NL East division champions, and around the middle of the game, they made an announcement that the Nationals were rewarded home field advantage in their NLDS meeting with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Also, they wanted to end the final days and game of the regular season on a high note, especially in front of their home crowd. For the Marlins, it was almost a week since the tragic death of Jose Fernandez, and the entire Marlins organization, already eliminated from playoff contention, were out to win it for their deceased ace pitcher. Also, I am a New York Mets fan and during the game they clinched home field advantage, and an NL Wildcard berth! And finally as for our family, Aunt Martha was crying tears of joy, as we all showed up, and surprised her for her special day. The Nationals were up early, a Bryce Harper single (below) scored leadoff hitter Trea Turner in the bottom of the 1st inning. I took lots of pictures, but I wasn’t really focused on the game as much as I was proud of my aunt, and got to see most of my cousins, in which most of them, I haven’t seen in years! The Nationals picked up a 2-1 victory putting a “Curly W” in a great game, and teaching career. #Recess4Ever !

IMG_2918.jpgNationals right fielder, Bryce Harper (shown above) hits a single in the first inning, scoring Trea Turner to make it an early 1-0 lead for the Nationals, in which they would win 2-1.




Copyright 2016 James Calderone



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