About James Calderone Photography

Hello, my name is James Calderone. I am 15 years old and love photography. It has came natural to me, and it is one thing that really makes me happy. Ever since joining Instagram in 2013, I knew I could share my talents with the public and show them what I love to do. For the past year or so, I’ve been really wanting to pursue my dream of being a photographer, and taking my talents far and somewhat serious. I set this website up, so that people can view more unique and special pictures that may or may not be on social media, and become more recognized by other people or possibly other professional businesses. This website is still “up and running” but hopefully this page will be visited and subscribed to frequently and maybe have a web-store where people could possibly buy my photos, and my photos will someday be hanging on peoples walls, making it a beautiful place. I hope that when you visit this page, you can smile and see what this site truly has to offer.