Brooklyn Bridge

On the long Memorial Day weekend, I got to walk the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. The bridge was cut into 3 sections. Two on either side for driving, but both were going in different directions. Then in the middle, was probably the most popular, a walking section in the middle, but higher elevated than the driving sections. It was very crowded, and you could tell from the beginning. Right before you even stepped foot on the bridge, there were many souvenir stands selling novelty shirts, artwork, toys, and so much more. There were also many food stands that were scattered along the way as you walked along the bridge too. There were also many tourists who were crowding the bridge, so at times there was trouble getting by, and a bit of a wait to take certain photos. As I walked along the bridge, I found out that besides all of the attractive photos there were to take, there was so much to see. You could spot the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, George Washington Bridge, and so many other New York City attractions from the bridge. It was a nice breezy and warm day so the water from the Hudson River made the walk refreshing. I enjoyed this trip a lot, and I hope to do it again someday (and maybe have it less crowded)!



Copyright 2016 James Calderone


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